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School Uniform List


House Colours

Atwell: Green    Hunt: Gold    Knott: Blue   Sebastian: White   Nicholson: Lilac


School Blazer – House colours


Green/gold/blue/white/lilac PE vest (according to House)

Dark grey/black regulation trousers


White shorts (without logos)

School Tie – House colours



Plain black pullover, v neck


School colours reversible rugby shirt

Dark, preferably black/grey, socks


Black shorts

Black shoes


Rugby/soccer boots with Rugby safety studs

Apron (for Technology – available from School after the start of term)


School rugby socks

Shin pads for Hockey

Skins (for the colder weather months)



Splash top



Black tracksuit trousers



Mouthguard (essential for boys playing Rugby or Hockey)


Our uniform supplier is Simmonds of Tunbridge Wells, who will have several 10% discount days during the summer – dates are on their website.  They also have an appointment only day, again attracting a 10% discount. Uniform may also be ordered online. For further information, please check their website: 

A second–hand uniform shop is also available.  This is run by the Parents’ Association and is open periodically during term time. The PA will publicise opening times.